Take control of your projects and team and increase your company’s profit

Caflou will help you effectively manage your whole company and its finances. It‘ll allow you to track cash flow and predict its future development. Get rid of routine work, reduce errors, improve teamwork and increase company performance. All in one place, from anywhere, at an affordable price.

All-in-one management system

All the tools you need

Fewer meetings, phone calls, hunting down information in emails, switching between tools and stress. Better cash-flow planning and simple tracking of company performance or projects. With Caflou, you’ll have all your work and data in one place while you manage the whole company – from projects, customer relations, finances and everyday activities to team productivity and profitability, all done easily and online.

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Time management

Set priorities and control team workload. Modern work planning using Gantt charts or Kanban boards. You know exactly who should be working on what and when. Measure or keep records of time spent on projects. Share information and calendars, plan time off. Work effectively from anywhere.

Replaces: Toggl, Basecamp, Asana, ClickUp and others

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Work automation

Get rid of routine and repetitive work. Eliminate errors. Caflou will help you automate processes in your company and create your own workflow.

Replaces: Make, Zapier, and other workflow systems

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Customer relations

Keep a complete overview of your customers and suppliers. Easily keep records of contacts, communication, income and expenses, projects and documents in one place. Automate offers and invoicing, track sales goals and performance, plan future sales.

Replaces: Pipedrive, HubSpot, and other CRMs

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Invoicing and finances

Track and plan cash flow easily while predicting its development in the months to come. Link projects and finances for profitability management and simplify your invoicing. Utilize integrations with European banks and automate financial processes.

Replaces: QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Xero, and other invoicing software

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Company financial health

Manage the profitability of projects and the company as a whole. Digitize finances and do away with paperwork. Link projects, orders and offers with real income and costs and track profitability. Get the necessary reports with just a few clicks.

Replaces: QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Xero, and other financial software

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Project management

Manage projects, including their financial aspects and profitability. Plan tasks using WBS, Gantt charts or Kanban boards. Track budgets and spending, check deadlines. Measure time or create timesheets with one click. Send invoices directly from projects.

Replaces: Asana, Basecamp, ClickUp, Wrike and other project software

Let your company grow and prosper

The all-in-one management system will put you a thousand steps ahead. You’ll have 100% control over your company and finances while team cooperation improves. Company productivity and project profitability will also increase.

Without Caflou

Without Caflou

Spreadsheets, sticky notes and meetings

You’ve tried being productive with emails, spreadsheets, telephone calls, yellow sticky notes, meeting after meeting, etc.

The result: Chaos, or at least massive overhead on every project, difficult communication.

While managing projects, I had everything written on post-its. I was taking down all kinds of notes, but I was always worrying about forgetting something.

Pavel G.
CEO SOFTLABS CZECH a Webkitty hosting

Switching between applications

You use one system for customer management, another for projects, a third for keeping time and another for finances. You’re manually duplicating data and inevitably making a mistake here or there.

The result: It all comes at a high price, switching between applications is a nightmare, and things still aren’t working.

We were using a total of five applications, each one for something different. When we wanted to make a prognosis, we had a hard time tracking down the data. It was time-consuming and difficult.

Arvydas Kublickas
CEO, NJ Optimal

With Caflou

With Caflou

An all-in-one management system

Everything you need in one place. Manage customers, projects, teams and finances easily from anywhere and at any time. Automate routine work. Create offers, invoices and reports with just a few clicks.

The result: You have an overview and control while limiting errors and avoiding financial problems. Teams are more productive and satisfied. The company grows and earns more.

Thanks to Caflou, the company has a “backbone” where everything is recorded. The system helps us link finances and accounting with realization and customers. Organization has improved, and so has productivity.

Igor Pavelek
Co-founder & VP Operations, Pygmalios

Useful for everyone


  • Have an exact and complete overview of the whole company and advanced tools to control its operation.
  • Easily plan company cash flow, allowing you to invest or save according to the situation.
  • Look up information from anywhere at any time on overall economy, finances, invoicing, customers, human resources and the state of individual projects.
  • Company productivity grows thanks to work efficiency and time savings.
  • Keep key performance indicators at your fingertips at all times.

We gained a better overview of the company and more effective control options. Now fewer errors are made, we’re more productive, and team cooperation is smoother. One good key performance indicator is that we haven’t lost a single customer in the last six months due to an error.

Balázs Ormándlaki
CEO, Drive Online Marketing

Useful for everyone

Make full use of company potential

  • Increase productivity
  • Simplify cooperation
  • Gain control

Why you’ll like using Caflou

Start today for free, with no risks involved, and you’ll see the difference.

Why you’ll like using Caflou

It’s professional and complex

  • Replaces the majority of tools that you’re using at present.
  • Functions are logically connected and linked to each other.
  • Constantly and quickly evolving.
  • Keeps your data safe and in one spot.

It’s affordable and always worth it

  • The best value for your money on the market.
  • You can use it for free before purchasing.
  • According to our customers’ experience, it can save up to a week of work per month.

Easy to use

  • Caflou is intuitive and easy to control.
  • It has quick customer support. No robots, just people.
  • It’s flexible and will adapt to your needs.
  • You’ll get all the important information immediately via notifications.
  • It’s available on both PC and smart phone 24/7 from anywhere.

The numbers speak for themselves



We track profitability in real time and create offers based on data from previous projects. Thanks to more effective team management, easier communication and not having to search around for information, the performance of the whole company has been boosted. Project profitability has grown on average by 40%.

Klára Klevisová
CEO, Creative One, 10 employees

Time savings
8-10 hours per week

Time savings<br />8-10 hours per week

Thanks to the smooth and effective cooperation that Caflou has provided, we manage to have less meetings and phone calls. I save up to eight or ten hours per week.

Akshay Undare
Co-Founder, DataStu, 12 employees

4,000 EUR
reduction in HR costs

4,000 EUR<br />reduction in HR costs

If I were to replace Caflou with employees, I would need two of them, and together they’d cost 4,000 EUR per month. It’s cheaper with Caflou.

David Škaroupka
Managing Director, Ilios, 20 employees