Caflou can make your business more organized

You'll have an overview of everything that goes on - or should go on - in your company.

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Everything in one place

Everything you need is in plain sight. The most important things are on the dashboard. You'll always have an organized list of your clients and business partners. You can find your current or planned income and expenses in an organized graph and table.

Dashboard for the most important things
An overview of your clients and partners
Cashflow monthly
Your income and expenses under control

Projects, tasks and timesheets

You can include work or orders in your projects. You can manage your individual activities easily by using Tasks. Time spent working on tasks, projects, and work for customers can all be easily reported.

Orders and projects, right where you can see them
You won't forget about any of your work activities
You can also easily write up timesheets

Exports, Cashflow

Timesheets, projects, tasks, income or expenses can all easily be exported to pdf, xls or csv. In the Cashflow overview, you can check up on how your business is going in general or in terms of each individual customer or project.

Timesheets Export
Easily export timesheets
Cashflow monthly
See immediately how your business is doing
See your income and expenses in detail

Notifications, privacy

You won't miss anything important thanks to notifications in the application or sent by email. The information in your account is kept safe thanks to smart access and authorization settings.

Timesheets Export
You'll be reminded by smart notifications
Email notification
You'll also receive notifications by email
Information can only be seen by authorized parties

You can log into Caflou from anywhere - all you need is an internet connection

Caflou is as online application located in the Cloud, so you don't need to install or download anything. All you need is an internet connection.

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