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📐 What are the principles of good project management?

The principles of good project management presented here are the foundations on which good project management practice is built. Following these principles is a necessary condition for successful project management. Successful project management is a prerequisite for sponsors, clients, customers and other parties involved to gain value from project outputs.


👥 Roles and responsibilities in the project 

One of the principles of project management is that the project must have clear roles and responsibilities. This article covers the roles and responsibilities of the key stakeholders that are part of every project. If there are other stakeholders in the project, their roles and responsibilities also need to be clearly defined.


🔑 6 Key Elements of Successful Project Cost Management for Small Businesses 

Are you struggling to complete your projects successfully while juggling managing resources, activities, deadlines, and unexpected obstacles? If you add the pressure of planning and tracking expenses and keeping within tight budgets, project management can get quite an overwhelming task to do irrespective of the type and size of the project. In fact, up to three-fourths of projects end up well beyond the set budget constraints and more than a half of managers consider cost overruns as the main reason for project failure. How can you prevent such unforeseen bloated costs and keep your project on track?