Take advantage of remote work and remote management of your team and entire company and optimize the operation of your company and team for remote or hybrid work.

🎓 CAFLOU® academy is brought to you CAFLOU® - 100% digital management system which is used to manage the performance and economy of your company, team and projects, even remotely. 

🌐 How to manage a company and a team remotely? Tips for remote management

What are the benefits of remote work for companies? And what are main barriers and concerns? What are the main principles of operating a company remotely? Find out in our article.


💬 Basic rules and culture of remote team communication

The success of any team that works and is controlled remotely depends on the correctly set communication of remote teams, on their rules and culture. Here are some tips to help you with remote communication.


📖 An Actionable Guide to Remote Team Management

Can remote work kill your organisation’s productivity? According to a growing body of research, the opposite is more likely. Remote work options can reduce employee turnover, improve productivity, and increase employee satisfaction. However, remote team management is crucial to achieving organisational excellence and managers and team leaders must step up and ensure their teams are remote-ready. Learn how.


💻 Which Remote Team Management Tools Are Right For You?

For better or worse, there are almost too many remote team management tools in the market now. And while it’s great to have options, too many can be overwhelming. Comparing different tools and trying to understand which is best for your team is a challenge on its own. 

So, to help you out, we’ve put together a rundown of the different types of remote team management tools. We sorted the tools into their respective categories and have discussed some specific, popular tools for each category. But before you explore the different options, it’s crucial to discern…