Have you already tried a new selection of dates in the filters (today, last week, this month...)? In addition to the filtering made easier, it is also a major shift for:

  1. saved filters and subsequently for:
    1. personalization (left panel, Dashboard)
    2. regular e-mail reports (pdf, xls, csv, xml / daily, weekly, monthly)
    3. daily summary e-mails

I.e. save filters with relative deadlines and you can then use these filters for "filling" modules on the Dashboard, for quick links in the left panel, for the content of the daily summary e-mail and also for regular exports that automatically arrive in your email (daily, weekly, monthly).

Relative filters

📺 More to personalization here: How to personalize CAFLOU

We believe that you will like this new feature and that it will help you work a little more efficiently.