If you share invoices directly from CAFLOU, you can now:

  1. Automatically send a series of reminders for unpaid overdue invoices
    1. you can set up to 3 consecutive reminders, always at least one day apart
    2. you can set how many days past due reminders should be sent
  2. Send reminder manually - if you do not want reminders to be sent automatically, then you have the option to send a reminder manually
  3. Stop scheduled reminders - Have you set up to send automatic reminders, but have chosen not to send them? Then just stop the plan.

Advanced invoice reminders


Still in production: Subsequently, we will expand the reminders with the possibility to have a different text for each of the 3 reminders and that the 1st reminder could be sent before the due date (you will get the opportunity to notify you in advance of the approaching due date).

We believe that you will enjoy the new features and that they will help you work with invoices more efficiently.