Now you can place all documents, i.e. received and issued invoices, proformas, offers, orders, directly under the corresponding project or even task. Under the project (or task) you can clearly see all the documents that belong to the project (or task). You can also use filters in the new report (e.g. document type, date of issue, status, tag, amount, etc.):

Documents under a project or task

­čĺí If you create invoices from timesheets or from income / expenses, then the project and task are automatically associated with the invoice that is created from the timesheets or income / expenses. The assignment to the project / task can be changed in the invoice form.

In the main overview of documents (invoices, proformas, offers, orders) you can now display the columns for "Projects" and "Tasks" and you can also filter by the project or task:

Sloupce a filtry pro projekt a ├║kol v dokladech

In the document form, you can see the project and the task at the bottom:

Formulář faktury - projekty a úkoly

We believe that you will like the new features and that they help you better manage your projects.