Get a daily summary sent to your e-mail with the information you need.

In your Notification settings you can now set up Daily summary e-mails in much more flexible way. Not only you can specify days and time when you should receive e-mails but you can also define what should be sent to you. 

In the same style as personalizied quick links or custom modules on the Dashboard, you can select modules that will be part of daily e-mail. You can create e-mail modules from your saved filters that you have saved in your reports (see How to save filters in reports). You can also select if you just want to see volumes (e.g. 3 tasks overdue) or if you want a list be sent out to your e-mail (those 3 tasks listed in the e-mail).

You can also preview you e-mail before you are finished with setting it up. 

Custom daily summary e-mails

Summary e-mail may look like this:

Summary e-mail

We believe that you will like this new option and it will help you work more efficiently.