You do not have to be able to code, and yet you can connect Caflou with hundreds of different applications thanks to our integration with Integromat

Imagine this simple scenario:

Caflou v Integromatu

  1. You will receive a new email with subject "Get a quote" from the interested party "Jim Long"
  2. Integromat processes such an email and passes it to Caflou
  3. In Caflou new task named "Get a quote - Jim Long" with "High" priority will automatically be created and assigned to your colleague



Thanks to Integromat scenarios can work both ways:

  • in system XY action 1 takes place ➡️ in Caflou action 2 takes place
  • in Caflou action 3 takes place ➡️ in system XY action 4 takes place

Actions currently offered by Caflou via Integromat:

  1. Action in another application ➡️ Create a project in Caflou
  2. Action in another application ➡️ Create a task in Caflou
  3. Action in another applicationi ➡️ Create a company in Caflou
  4. Action in another application ➡️ Create an income / expense in Caflou
  5. Action in another application ➡️ Create a bank payment in Caflou
  6. New project in Caflou ➡️ Action in another application
  7. New task in Caflou ➡️ Action in another application
  8. New income / expense in Caflou ➡️ Action in another application

Options and scenarios are unlimited - you can look at an overview of all the applications and systems that can be linked to Caflou (Apps and Services), for example: Gmail, Google sheets, Asana, Basecamp, Teamwork, Trello, Wrike, Toggl, Intercom, MailChimp, Office 365, PayPal, QuickBooks, Xero, Slack and many more.

Caflou API

UKázka API dotazuIf you are technically skilled and you are keen to integrate Caflou with your company system, you can now integrate through the new API. VIa API you can retrieve information from Caflou, but also create, change, or delete objects. You can check the documentation here - Caflou API.


To access Caflou "from the outside" you will need an access token, here is go to get it - Integrate Caflou with hundreds of applications via Integromat or API