If you work with timesheets or project line item budgets in Caflou and use our Products (as a inventory or price list), then you can now link these functions. On a timesheet you can now also report a product from the inventory (and optionally create a stock movement) or you can "price" products from the inventory when creating a project item budget. How does it work?

#1 - Activate the function

The linking of products to timesheets and budgets must be activated. This option can be found in the Settings section of Timesheets:

Products in the Timesheets

In the timesheet form, you now have a "Product" tab where you can choose which product to attach to the timesheet. You select a product and then have the choice of whether the timesheet creates an inventory movement and whether it is a stock-in or stock-out. The "Add/remove" option is only available when creating a new timesheet, not when editing a timesheet with a product.

The product selection is reflected in the timesheet by filling in the unit from the product and also the rate (for timesheets with two rates, both the sale and purchase price are filled in from the product).

You can also filter products in the timesheet overview and add a new column "Product" where you can see the product attached to the timesheet.

If you then create an invoice (issued or received) from the timesheets, the product is automatically attached to the invoice item that corresponds to the timesheet. If you have already made an inventory movement within the timesheet, you can disconnect the inventory for the invoice item to avoid duplicate inventory movements.

Products for itemized budgets

The principle of itemized budgets is very similar to that of timesheets, except that you cannot create inventory movements from items. Again, you select a product, the units and rates are retrieved from the product.

In the budget item overview you can then filter the products, you can see the product attached to the item in the "Product" column.

If you create a document (e.g. an offer, order, proforma or invoice) from the budget items, then the document item is linked to the inventory and the invoice is then moved to the inventory.

We hope you enjoy these new options and that they help you work a little more efficiently.