So far, we have shown the tracked time in projects and tasks, but it did not have its own separate budget, which was only for timesheets (and income and expenses). See more about 4 new features below:

1) Budget for tracked time

You can now set a budget for the tracked time in projects and tasks. Overutilization notifications (for % selected by you) also work for the new budget. You can then see the budet utizitazion on the project or task dashboard.

Tracked time budget

Tracked time budget - set up

Each user with access to the project / task sees the utilization of budgets for the tracked time (i.e. the "Read" right is sufficient).

2) New "Hours" set of columns

In addition, we have added a set of columns called "Hours" to project and task overviews, where you can see budgets for tracked time, timesheets, and reported and tracked hours.

Hours column set

The set of "Hours" columns is accessible to everyone.

3) "Budget" set of columns

The "Budget" set of columns now includes only budgets and utilization for income and expenses. The utilization and budgets for tracked time and timehseets are currently in the new "Hours" column set.

Budgets column set

The "Budget" column set is only available to a user with a special Cashflow right and such user sees values only ​​for projects / tasks for which he has a "Health" right.

4) Total time in the time record form

If you are editing a time record (tracked via a time tracker) or if you manually create a new time record (from the Tracked time overview), you can now see the Total time directly in the form (see figure 0:50:39), which is dynamically updated if the start time and / or end time is changed.

Total time in the tracked time form

We hope you will like the additional budgets improvements to projects and tasks, and that they will help you work a little more efficiently.