We have expanded the options of recording holidays and other absences with several new features:

  1. Holidays or other absences can now be approved - identical to the timesheets, holidays can be approved or rejected. Available states for the "Approved" attribute are "Waiting", "Yes", "No".
  2. In the events overview, you can now filter not only the "Holiday" event type, but also the approval status - if, for example, you save your own filter for holidays waiting for approval, then you can also use such a report on the Dashboard or in the left panel (as part of personalization).
  3. In the overview of events, you can also see the length of absences for holidays and other absences (only the working days of the given user are counted). You must first make sure the new "Absence Length" and "Approved" columns are displayed.
  4. In the "Team workload" settings, you can now set a limit on the number of Holidays for the current calendar year and you can also see the number of already taken Holidays for the current calendar year (counted are only "Holiday" events on working days of the user that are not rejected).

Holidays approval

We believe that you will like the new features and that they will help you work a little more efficiently.