For timesheets, it is now possible to set on the account level:

  1. if users can report into completed projects and tasks
  2. if timesheets of one user can overlap in terms of time
  3. if users can report across months
  4. when the time can be reported at the latest (e.g. not later than 7 days from the reported activity)

The following options can be selected for options 1-3:

  • "Don't check" option - the system does not check anything
  • "Warn" option - the system notifies you with a "conflict", a second click on "Save" will create a timesheet
  • "Don't allow" option - the system will display a notification and will not allow the timesheet to be saved

For option 4 (late reporting), you can only choose if not to check late reporting or how many days back can a user report.

Timesheets check - 1

Timesheets check - 2

You can find these options in the settings of the Timesheets section:

Timesheets check - 3

We believe that these new options will come in handy and allow you to be a little more efficient.