In the same spirit as the popular reports "Team workload" and "Team economics", we have prepared new reports for you

  • Project economics
  • Company economics

The principle of reports is identical to the reports for the team, you only see the reports by user (employee), but you see them by projects or companies. So you can look at: 

  • how much time was worked on projects or customers in days / weeks / months (either according to the time reported or tracked)
  • how much income and costs do you record after days / weeks / months on projects or at customers (either according to the time reported or tracked)

Ekonomika projektů

Vytížení na projektech

Vytížení na firmách

Vytížení na firmách

Here you can see instructions for the original reports for teams:

How to use new team workload reports 📺
How to work with the report Team economics 📺

We believe that you will like the new features and that they help you be more effective.