In the same style as personalizied quick links or custom modules on the Dashboard, you now have the option of customizing 2 quick lists in the left panel as part of personalization.

= instead of the existing reports for Companies and Projects, you can put any other report that you need to keep an eye on and immediately to click into detail.

Again, you select from the saved filters. You may have there, for example

  • timesheets for approval
  • companies at a certain business phase
  • holidays for approval
  • invoices overdue
  • etc.

Only the name of the object will be displayed in the list (as before for companies and projects).

Alternatively, you can completely "turn off" these 2 reports if you can't find use for them.

Personalized quick lists in sidebar

We hope you enjoy this new personalization option and that it will help you be a little more effective.