With new personalization templates you can pre-customize Caflou for users in your account to give them the best experience right from the start. You can thus prepare templates according to the roles you have in your company (e.g. manager, worker, etc.).

With the help of templates, you make Caflou much clearer for them and make it easier for them to start working with the application. Within the template you can set:

  1. Dashboard widgets/modules
  2. Left panel
  3. Top/main menu
  4. Displayed/hidden tabs in the details of companies, projects, tasks, default tabs (again for companies, projects, tasks) or the number of items on the overview page 

You choose the template when you invite a new user to your account, but you can also apply the template to users who are already active in your account.

Learn more in our Education center in post How to administer users or here:

We hope you enjoy this new feature, which will allow you to be more efficient.