If you work on different types of projects in your company or team, project types that have different progress and therefore different phases (statuses), you can set in Caflou which project status is available for which types of projects, or which types of tasks are available for which types of projects. This makes it easier to "categorize" tasks and projects, making processes clearer and reducing errors. 

The following relationships can be set:

  1. Relationship project type β© project status - the project type determines which project status is available for the project type
  2. Relationship project type β© task types - the project type determines what task types are available for the project type
  3. Relationship task type β© task status - the task type determines what task status is available for the task type

πŸ‘‰ Learn more here: How to set up relationship between types and states of projects and tasks πŸ“–

We hope you enjoy this new enhancement and that it allows you to be a little bit more efficient.