If you share documents (invoices, offers etc.) via e-mail directly from CAFLOU, you can now format the texts, use links or insert your logo.

You can still use dynamic variables in e-mails (such as amount, due date, relative dates such as this or last month, etc.), but you can now use formatting in e-mails, e.g.

  • bold text, underlined text, italics
  • color text
  • bullets
  • links (e.g. to your website)
  • images (e.g. your logo)

The e-mail can then look like this:

Formatted e-mail

With the new formatting, you can modify your templates to make it easier to share invoices, offer, orders or use recurring invoices:

Formatted e-mail - templates

You can always edit the format before sending:

Formatted e-mail - manual edits

We hope you enjoy this new feature, which will allow you to be more efficient.