What (bigger things) are we working on?

  • Cash flow modelling using machine learning and AI ("artificial intelligence")
  • Team chat enhancements
  • European banks integration (for cash flow and invoicing) and accounting systems integrations (QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, Freshbooks etc.)
  • Caflou facelift and modernization (phase 2 - projects, tasks, invoices)

What we've delivered so far:

(delivery date, version of application, release content)


  • Kanban boards extensions (full-account Kanban, projects, filters, limits)
  • Feature to approve holidays, overview of taken holidays
  • Reminder templates and "negative" reminder for invoices
  • Integration with Zoho Books


  • Option to add a timesheet to an existing invoice
  • Additional identification for companies and invoicing (eg Slovak VAT ID)
  • Formatted texts for invoices
  • Polish, Russian and Dutch in CAFLOU
  • Indication of unread comments in overviews
  • Extraction of invoices via e-mail
  • Project / task budgets without VAT (or with VAT)
  • Personalization of daily summary emails
  • Possibility to correct Cashflow to the required level
  • New budgets for tracked time in projects and tasks


  • Direct integration of Xero and Caflou
  • Enhancements to automatic payment rules (new dynamic variables)


  • Custom modules on the Dashboard
  • Custom quick lists in the left menu
  • My active To-dos on the Dashboard
  • New main menu and its personalization, changes to overviews headers, light left panel
  • Custom default task duration
  • Recurring projects


  • Advanced notification settings
  • Extended options of working with rights and accesses


  • Extended reminders for shared invoices
  • Custom quick links in the left menu


  • New automatic processes


  • Records of holidays and other absences 


  • Extraction of data from invoices received and issued using artificial intelligence and automatic extraction


  • Attachments can now be attached when sharing documents (invoices, offers, orders)


  • Documents (invoices, proformas, offers, orders) can now be logged directly under a project or task


  • New reports "Company Economics" and "Project Economics"
  • Possibility to create a proforma from offers and orders
  • Possibility to create offers without price totals


  • Archiving of companies
  • Overview of that invoice has been displayed, overview of unshared or undelivered invoices


  • QuickBooks integration (customers and suppliers into Companies + invoices, expenses, bills into Cashflow)
  • Custom budget spending notifikactions on projects and tasks


  • New columns for company events
  • New strongly improved mobile version


  • New automatic process - the option to send an email to the email address of the parent company


  • Obtaining company data from the European Vies register (for VAT payers)


  • New processes for Integromat / Make (create, get or watch timesheets, time entries, contacts)


  • Automatic processes / workflow major update (combine conditions in the process)


  • Gantt chart for all tasks (see a timeline of your tasks not online in one project but above all projects)


  • Kanban boards in projects
  • Improved to dos' (deadlines and assigned people for each to do within the task)
  • New dashboards for the project and task details
  • Financial reports on team workload ("team economics") and internal rates

4.4.2020 - 2.4.3-1

  • Video conferencing as part of CAFLOU services 

15.2.2020 - 2.4.2

  • Record orders issued and received
  • Record offers received, proformas received
  • Report time for your colleagues from their time tracked
  • Management and planning of workload of the team (new capacity reports, new visual reports od reported and measured time)

17.12.2019 - 2.4.1

  • New pricing of CAFLOU
  • Payment discippline report for invoicing
  • New reporting pagination
  • New scenarios for process automation (create task, send email)
  • Ability to disable users
  • Alias ​​for companies

19.10.2019 - 2.4.0

  • Process automation / workflow
  • Send reminders and receipts for invoices
  • Report of movements in the warehouse/products
  • Invoice email log (including echo for non-delivery)
  • Bulk changes in companies
  • Loading project budgets from tasks
  • Saved filters also remember sorting by column
  • Possibility to email attachment to Caflou
  • New invoice statuses

2.8.2019 - 2.3.2

  • Products - a brand new feature for Warehouse or Price List, which you use not only for stock monitoring but also for invoices and offers
  • Overview of budgets, budgeting and profitability of projects and tasks directly in reports - track the performance of projects or tasks in terms of budgets directly in project and task reports
  • Shortcuts - speed up your work with Cafla with new shortcuts
  • New sum values for the Cashflow table view - sum of amounts by payment, VAT amount, VAT amount by payment
  • Contacts overview - new separate contacts overview, import and export, filtration

3.6.2019 - 2.3.1

  • Cashlow and VAT/tax - track VAT in your Cashflow overview, with careful cash flow planning, you will see nicely how much VAT/tax you will be returning in the coming months with no surprises 
  • Create Cashflow items (income/expenses) from invoices in bulk - if you are importing invoices to Cafou or have not created income and expenses from your invoices then you can now create Cashflow items from your invoices in bulk
  • Attach existing income or expenses to your invoice - you can attach one or many income or expenses to one invoice
  • Mentions - communicate with colleagues by mentioning them in comments or descriptions, just mention a colleague through @ and Caflou alerts a colleague with a notification
  • You can see the tracked time directly in the timesheet detail - do you report your tracked time in timesheets? now you can see this tracked time directly in the timesheet, in it's detail (sheet Tracked time)
  • View events under a company or project - view events (e.g. appointments) under a company or project under which that event belongs (sheet Events in the detail)
  • See only active tasks and projects in your calendar - now you can filter out only active projects and tasks in your calendar, i.e. inactive tasks or projects will not ne shown
  • View tasks in your calendar that you are only contributing to - you by default see only tasks assigned to you on your calendar, you can now view tasks where you are a contributor also
  • Assign Tags in bulk - you can now tag objects in bulk (via Bulk edit feature)

28.3.2019 - 2.3.0

  • New Cashflow - Cashfow facelift - much faster, cleared and nicer
  • New time entries overview - full-featured timeline entries report/overview including filters and exports
  • Invoice "conent" - in the invoice detail, you can now view what is included in the invoice, timesheets, time entries, income and expenses
  • Create tasks or projects from email - send an email to Caflou and create a task or a project

18.2.2019 - 2.2.0

  • New price offers - in the new Documents section, you can now create price offers, generate them in pdfs, share them via email, create invoices from them or create income into Cashflow
  • New invoice layout  - for invoices now you can use a new modern look, including the option to choose colors
  • Tags/labels in all objects and overviews - all objects can now be tagged and filtered by tags
  • Fast reply from email notifications - the user can respond to any notification directly from the email, the response is inserted as a comment
  • Buld edits for projects, tasks, files or income and expenses - you can now perform new bulk operations, such as changing statuses and types of tasks and projects, sources and categories in income and expenses, or downloading files to Zip

20.12.2018 - 2.1.0

  • New imports - imprts are now significantly simplyfied, also projects, tasks and timesheets can be imported now, objects can also be updated by an import file

8.12.2018 - 2.0.1

  • New file prewies - file previews are now much more reliable

12.11.2018 - 2.0.0 - Facelift 2019

  • New version of Caflou - new, cleaner, more modern Caflou

5.9.2018 - 1.9.9

  • Recurring invoices - If you invoice customers at regular intervals, then you will be keen to use regular / recurring invoices

21.8.2018 - 1.9.7

  • API and Integromat / Make integration - we published Caflou API and also integrated Caflou with Integromat / Make through which Caflou can connect to hundreds of other services and applications
  • Option to hide timesheet rates and timesheet amounts - businesses have the option to hide timesheet rates and timesheet amounts in case users should not see them

21.7.2018 - 1.9.6

  • Files uploading via third-party services - now you can easily upload files from Google Drive, Dropboxu and OneDrive
  • Upgraded calendar with real-time sync to Google Calendar - new two-way real time synchronisation between Caflou and Google calendars, new option to display task and project duration (not only deadlines as it is now), new option to safe calendar filters

18.5.2018 - 1.9.5

  • To-Dos - for tasks you now can create a list of to dos
  • Changes to categorization of timesheets - we expanded list of states that you can use for the timesheet Status attribute (new, for approval, for invoicing, invoiced, paid)
  • GDPR adjustments - we adjusted Caflou to be aligned with GDPR

28.4.2018 - 1.9.4

  • Cashflow - new attributes: Date paid, Amount paid and Source - evaluate your cashflow planning by comparing plan and reality, also new attribute Source was added (e.g. for cash vs. bank account payments, company unit etc.)
  • Invoices - rights enhancements and logo width settings - only users with access rights to Invoices at the account level can view invoices by default, also logo size on the invoice can now be adjusted

17.3.2018 - 1.9.3

  • Custom exchange rates within invoices and income/expenses - when invoicing in foreign currency you can now update an exchange rate manually
  • Preview of scheduled repetitions at tasks list and calendar - schedule tasks or events can now be displayed in the overview lists
  • Invoice sharing improved - application remebers emails used for sharing invoices, it also offers emails from contacts or allows to ad an accountant's email address

24.2.2018 - 1.9.2

  • Import / export of contacts - contacts can be imported into companies in batch, contacts can also be exported
  • Batch deletion of objects - in overviews you can delete objects in batch

28.1.2018 - 1.9.0

  • Messages (team chat) - now you can chat with your colleagues using a new chat, including a multichat
  • Real-time browser notifications - if you do accept, Caflou will prompt you about any change, comment, etc. even if you are not in Caflou at that moment (you still need to have Caflou open in the browser)

7.12.2017 - 1.7.3

  • Cashflow exports - module Cashflow can be now exported into PDF, XLS a CSV, in PDF export you also get a cashflow graph
  • New and extended filters in Cashflow module - Cashflow graph and associated overview table can be filtered now by any company or project, new filters are also available in the table verview of income and expenses

12.11.2017 - 1.7.2

  • Task health - on the task level you can now set task budgets (hours, income, expenses) and track task utilization the same way as you do in projects
  • Amount rounding in invoices - do you prefer amounts to pay to be integers? Now you can round amounts to pay to integers by one click

6.11.2017 - 1.7.1

  • Saved filters - now you can save your favourite filters for any overview and bring them up with one click, you can also set your default filters
  • Filters in object details - in objects details (e.g. under a company or a project) you can now use standard filters

18.10.2017 - 1.7.0

  • File versioning - you can now upload an up to date version of your files but still keep older versions for future reference

11.10.2017 - 1.6.0

  • Gantt chart - in projects you can now see task dependencies visually and plan those dependencies in a visual editor (= in Gantt chart)
  • Caflou translated to french, spanish and italian - you can now switch Caflou interface to more languages

14.9.2017 - 1.5.5

  • Search - you can search for objects (by their name) in your account by using keywords 

22.8.2017 - 1.5.4

  • Text editor - objects' descriptions or comments can now be formatted, pictures or videos can be pasted into descriptions and comments
  • Discount codes for affiliate partners - affiliate partners can now offer disocunt codes to new account owners

29.7.2017 - 1.5.3

  • Invoices can now be imported (XML)
  • Task can be quickly switched to a coleague
  • Projects now can have subcontractor companies and assign income or expense to them

5.7.2017 - 1.5.2

  • Invitations can be send for events now

20.6.2017 - 1.5.1

  • Events can be created in Calendar now

16.6.2017 - 1.5.0

  • Calendar
  • Project duplication (incl. project's tasks duplication)
  • Real project end date
  • Easier timesheet's units creation
  • Minor improvements and changes

16.5.2017 - 1.4.3

  • Project health improvements (graphs included)
  • New action menu in overviews
  • Income and expenses duplication
  • Minor improvements and changes

4.5.2017 - 1.4.2

  • Track time button for company / project / task
  • Invoices export to Pohoda system for Czech users
  • Invoices export to Money system for Czech users
  • Reverse charge - invoices
  • Task duplication
  • Timesheet duplication
  • Minor improvements and modifications

10.4.2017 - 1.4.1

  • Affiliate program
  • Invoice duplication
  • Better comment replies sort
  • Repeating objects modification - pattern separation
  • Bugfix - back button
  • Performance optimization

18.3.2017 - 1.4.0

  • English version
  • You can pay for Caflou by payment card now
  • Invoice sharing
  • English and Slovak versions of the invoice

16.2.2017 - 1.3.9

  • Mobile version optimization

14.2.2017 - 1.3.8

  • Minor improvements and modifications

9.2.2017 - 1.3.7

  • Performance optimization

26.1.2017 - 1.3.6

  • Two step authentication - you can set it up here

11.1.2017 - 1.3.5

  • Contacts can be added right away when creating a company
  • Minor improvements and modifications

4.1.2017 - 1.3.4

  • Invoice can be created from income / expense
  • New columns in overview of companies
  • Minor improvements and modifications

27.12.2016 - 1.3.3

  • User groups
  • Privacy improvements - changes to access rights to health, incomes and expenses
  • Timesheets can have other units than hours
  • Income / expense can be created directly from an invoice

7.12.2016 - 1.3.2

  • Invoice can be created from selected timesheets in bulk
  • Additional text can now be added to invoices before and after items
  • Projects have priorities now
  • File preview added, direct file download added
  • Minor improvements and modifications

30.11.2016 - 1.3.1

  • Recurrent tasks added
  • Filter by name feature added to overviews
  • Optimalization

23.11.2016 - 1.3.0

  • New feature - Timetracker

25.10.2016 - 1.2.6

  • Fictive user
  • Minor improvements and modifications

12.10.2016 - 1.2.5

  • Recurrent incomes / expenses
  • Incomes / expenses imports
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

26.09.2016 - 1.2.4

  • Health of company added
  • E-mail notifications when project limits are exceeded

21.09.2016 - 1.2.3

  • Health of project added
  • Minor improvements and modifications

13.09.2016 - 1.2.2

  • Contacts can be added to companies
  • Year payments for Caflou added
  • Minor improvements and modifications

30.08.2016 - 1.2.1

  • Optional QR code in invoice added
  • New plan Lone striker added
  • Summary of hours added to timesheet overview

17.08.2016 - 1.2.0

  • New feature - Summary e-mails
  • New feature - Sort by column's head
  • Minor modifications

02.08.2016 - 1.1.2

  • Ability of companies import added

26.07.2016 - 1.1.1

  • Clever e-mail notifications
  • Minor improvements

12.07.2016 - 1.1.0

  • New feature - Invoices
  • ARES for czech users
  • Minor improvements

14.06.2016 - 1.0.3

  • Design improvements

08.06.2016 - 1.0.2

  • Rights changes
  • Bug fixes

23.05.2016 - 1.0.1

  • Improvements and bug fixes
  • Optimalization