Explanation of price list items:

  • Objects limit - the number of companies, contacts, projects, tasks, timesheets, invoices, offers or events you can create
  • Recurrence - number of templates for recurrence, e.g. for regular invoices, regular income / expenses or regular tasks
  • Pairing - number of bank accounts that can be set up in pairing for invoicing and Cashflow
  • Automation - number of automated processes / workflows that can be created
  • Payments - number of automatic rules for (imported) bank payments that can be created
  • Stock / Price list - number of stock / price list items that can be created
  • Files - storage capacity for files stored in the application
  • API - he number of queries that can be used when communicating with the Caflou API
  • Consultation included - after switching to a paid plan, we offer a free virtual consultation (in the form of a video meeting)
  • Extra features - features that are only available in the Dolphin and Shark plans:
    • Custom attributes - for each object type (company, project, task, invoice, etc.) you can add any number of custom attributes
    • Web forms - you can create your own web form directly in Caflou and either place it on your website (via iframe) or use unique url links for each form.
    • Custom domain for e-mails and invoices - if you share invoices, send messages etc. directly from Caflou, you can send them from your own domain and not from the generic domain caflou.com
    • Email synchronization - messages you exchange with clients are recorded (to the company or project) as comments
    • E-mail client/Inbox - in Caflou you can receive and send emails and also associate them with companies, projects or tasks (automatically or manually) (soon)
    • External sharing of projects and tasks - if you want to share data from projects and tasks to non-Caflou users, e.g. to clients for timesheets approval, project plan in Gantt chart etc., you will use this function
    • Online payments on invoices - if you issue invoices with Caflou and want to enable your customers to pay for example by card, you can use online payments
    • Automatic VAT in Cashflow - if your work in Caflou with Cashflow you can have the system automatically generate the expected VAT levy/refund dynamically from income and expenses to refine your planned cash flow.
    • Transcription of audio message to text - if you record an audio message in Caflou, you can have it robotically transcribe to text
  • Private cloud - a private cloud gives you your own instance of Caflou on a separate server, giving you greater security, speed and the option to make specific changes.

How Caflou charges

When you upgrade to a paid plan, Caflou automatically sends a request for payment for that plan. After payment, an adequate credit is applied to the account and a tax document is generated (sent by email and is also always for download in the account).

Caflou then deducts credit on a daily basis corresponding to the selected plan and the number of active account users (monthly price calculation / 30,4 *). An active user is any real user of the account, i.e. not a "fictitious" user who is marked as "Active" in the User Management.

* Example: If at the time of the system check 10 users are registered in the account (in the "Active" state), then the price for 10 users and a month is 80 EUR (excluding VAT) for the Dolphin plan. 80 / 30.,4 = 2,63 EUR is deducted from the credit daily.

7 days before the expected running out of the credit, Caflou will automatically send another request for payment.

If the credit level for a paid account is negative for 7 days in a row, the account will be downgraded to the free version.

If you have any questions about paid plans or invoicing, please write to us at support@caflou.com