See how to automatically extract data from your (received and issued) invoices directly in Caflou using artificial intelligence and automatic extraction and thus save time when recording invoices (e.g. as data source for accounting or for cash flow management or approval of invoices).

☝ You don't have to be an accounting firm or a large company to be able to extract invoices - in Caflou, this feature is available in every premium account *.

⏱ To record received and issued invoices, you do not have to rewrite invoices manually, just upload the invoice and the system will "overwrite" it for you. This saves a few minutes of time on each invoice (= also money 💰) and reduces possible errors (e.g. when rewriting amounts, account numbers, reference numbers, etc.) ⤵️

* 🔐 Invoice extraction via artificial intelligence (AI) is now in beta (features continue to be improved and debugged and we collect feedback).

You can learn more about the function and conditions of use here: How to work with data extraction from invoices 📺