Take a look at 4 fresh (bigger or smaller) new features in the app:

  1. Colored states, types, categories ...
  2. Option to mention everyone in the account, on the project, in the task
  3. Dashboard modules with (optional) double height
  4. New process / automation options

Colored states, types, categories ...

You can now choose colors for most states, types, categories, rates, etc. Such type, status, category, etc., you will then see "colored" in the reports according to the selected color:  

Custom colors for data types

You can specify colors in the Settings of each section (e.g. Settings in the Companies, Projects, Timesheets sections) or in the Account settings in the Data types section. Colors can only be changed by a user with the access to Account Settings.

Option to mention everyone in the account, on the project, in the task

You can now mention not only specific users in the account, but also

  1. all users in the account
  2. all users with a role on the project
  3. all users with a role on the task

E.g. if you comment on a task (or for example a timesheet, file, document etc.) in an ABC project and select @project (All on project), then all users with a role on the project in which this task (timesheet, file, document etc.) will receive a notification that they have been mentioned (= it attracts their attention more than just a normal notification).

If you use @all (All in account) and you are also a member of a group(s), only those users with whom you share a common group will receive the mention.

Extended mentions

Dashboard modules with (optional) double height + open notes

1. In the Personalization (in the module settings on the Dashboard) you can now choose whether the module should be twice the height. Only the Cashflow module cannot be resizedd.

2. For the "My Notes" module, you can also choose whether the notes should be open or closed by default.

High modules on the Dashboard

New process / automation options

You can now use the following options for processes:

1. Monitoring INactivity of projects and tasks

You can now respond to tasks and projects that have not been active for more than the required time. E.g. for urgent tasks, you do not want the task to "stand" unnoticed for more than 1 day or 7 days, if this happens, then you can respond as part of the process - for example, send an e-mail or reassign the task to another person etc.

Inactivity (processes)

2. Create income / expenses from the template

Just as it is possible to create a task, project, timesheet and document from a template using a process, so it is now possible to create income or expense from a template via a process. E.g. you complete a project of a certain type, and this change can automatically generate income (or expense) that is included in the project. At the same time, you can move the due date of the income / expense generated in this way by the required number of days forward (e.g. 14 days from creation).

Create income/expense (processes)

3. For tasks and projects also monitor the Type of task / project

For tasks and projects, in addition to monitoring parameters such as Status, Completed, Tags, End (deadline), Name, Last activity, you can now monitor Project type and Task type. The monitored parameters can of course be combined (e.g. the project is completed and at the same time the project type is "Production").

4. Create a task / project with a delayed start date

The process can automatically create tasks and projects from a template. You now have the option of moving the start date of the tasks / projects created in this way by the required number of days into the future (untill now the start date has always been set to the day when the task / project was created by the process).

We believe that you will like these new features and that they will help you to be a little more effective again.