If you use (or plan to use) Integromat to connect CAFLOU to other systems, then know that we have just added these new options:

  1. create and track reports (both ways)
  2. create and track time records (both ways)
  3. create and track contacts (both ways)

These ⤴️ have been added to an existing set of processes that have been there for a long time:

  • payments (create, watch)
  • income / expenditure (create, watch)
  • projects (create, watch)
  • tasks (create, watch)
  • companies (create, watch)
  • events (create, watch)

Here (in the middle of the page) you can watch a video with the basics of working with the Caflou <-> Integromat / Make integration:

📺 How to import data to Caflou

You can see all CAFLOU integrations for Integromat / Make here:

🔗 Caflou processes in Integromat / Make