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You can add data to Caflou manually, one by one, but you also can make work for yourself easier with the following easements and automation:

  1. Manual import from a CSV file
  2. (Automatic) import via Integromat/Make
  3. (Automatic) import via API

Please read details about each option below.

Manual import from a CSV file

Instructional video for manually importing data into Caflou from a CSV file:

The import function is accessible only to the user with the right to Account Settings.

Import file templates

Caflou import templates are publicly available for download on Google Drive as Google Spreadsheets. For customization, download them, edit as needed and save as CSV.

  1. Income and expenses/Cashflow (Alternatively, check out the instructions and video How to manually import data into Cashflow)
  2. Companies
  3. Projects
  4. Tasks
  5. Timesheets
  6. Tracked time
  7. Products
  8. Contacts
  9. Events

💡 TIP: You can also import custom attributes (for companies, contacts, tasks, projects, products, income/expenses, timesheets).

(Automatic) import via Integromat / Make

Please see Integromat's / Make's tutorial section Getting Started or see their Getting Started video:

Note.: Data movement is possible in both directions (i.e. to and from Caflou). Scenarios in Integromat / Make can be created many steps (and interconnect, for example, multiple idependent systems in one scenario) or branched (e.g. apply filters that check that expected conditions are met) and thus create even more complex operations.

We have prepared templates with a data structure of Caflou objects for you for inspiration and for use in creating scenarios in Integromat / Make:

  1. Income and expenses/Cashflow
  2. Bank payments
  3. Companies
  4. Projects
  5. Tasks
  6. Timesheets 
  7. Time entries/Tracked time 
  8. Contacts 
  9. Events
  10. Invoices received
  11. Invoices issued

To access Caflou from Integromat / Make you may need an access token - instructions on how to find it are here - How to obtain access token for Integromat

(Automatic) import via API

For experienced users, we offer the possibility to connect Caflou with any other system via API. Documentation for the Caflou API can be found here:

Documentation for API

To access Caflou via API you may need an access token - instructions on how to find it are here - How to obtain access token for API