In the last 6 or 7 months we have worked on many new features that you were asking for. We delivered three major updates from the moment we introduced a facelift of Caflou in the end of 2018. So what have we delivered to you since?

  1. Communicate with colleagues via mentions @
  2. Brand new Offers
  3. Invoices with new modern layout
  4. Tags in all objects and overviews
  5. New bulk changes to projects, tasks, income/expenses or files
  6. Responding to notifications directly from email
  7. New Cashflow
  8. Cashflow and Value Added Tax
  9. Create a project or task directly from email
  10. New overview of tracked time
  11. You can see the tracked time directly under the timesheet
  12. Clearer "content" of the invoice (timesheets, tracked time)
  13. Create Cashflow items from invoices in bulk
  14. Add existing income or expenses to your invoice
  15. View events under a company or project
  16. View only active tasks and projects in your calendar
  17. View tasks in your calendar that you are only contributing to

Let's take a closer look at the new things:

1) Communicate with colleagues via mentions @

Do you need a colleague to get an "echo" when he/she should be aware of some information? Or do you not want to receive notifications for every change in a task or project, but just a notifications meant for for you? Use mentions in your team. Just type @ when writing a comment or description of the object, and Caflou will offer you colleagues that you can mention:


You select a colleague from the list, save the description, or send a comment and the colleague will immediately receive a notification (both in the app and via email):

Mentions - notification

2) Offers

You can find Offers in the new Documents section, along with invoices and proformas:

Offers in new navigations

Add new offer easily via "+ Add Offer":

New offer

The offer form is not dissimilar to the invoice form, there are some differences, e.g. there is the "Status" attribute, so you can register your offers and in what states they are:

New offer form

We also extended the text options before and after the offer items, you can insert longer texts and format them (the Text tab in the form).

Texts in Offer

The new offer looks like this (with a new layout, a classic layout can be also used):

New offer PDF

You can share the offer via email directly from Caflou, create a planned cashflow income from it, or create an invoice from the offer (via the action menu).

3) New invoices

Do you want your invoices (or offers) to have a more modern coat? Now you can choose to continue using our classic (original) layout, or whether to use the new layout for which you can also choose a color:

Select invoice layoutNew invoice


4) Tags

We owe you Tags for a long time, but finally we have them for you. You can now add a Tag or Tags to each object, either through "inline" editing in the overviews or directly from each object's form (when editing or creating):

Add a tag inline

Add a tag via forms

Tags can be used as attributes that Caflou may not have and you might have a need for. You can then use Tags to filter easily. You can also save filters that include tags for quick use:

Filter using tags

If you don't see the "Tags" column in your overviews, you can display it as any other column:

Tag columns

The system remembers whether a Tag has already been used in that section (e.g. tasks or projects), and if so, will offer you a selection of tags already in use, but you can always add a new tag. Tags can be entered by each account user, but can only be managed by a user with account management rigts. Tags can be deleted, renamed, and their color changed:

Tag management

5) Bulk changes

Newly, you can make these multiple bulk edits:

  • Projects - from projects overview you can mark projects as completed, change priority, deadline, progress, assigned person, project type and status
  • Tasks - from tasks overview you can mark tasks as completed, change priority, deadline, project manager, task type and status
  • Cashflow - from Cashflow table view, you can bulk change the status of these attributes: Paid, Invoiced, Include in cashflow (available already before), in addition you can change in bulg the following: the due date, date paid, category, source, company, project and task
  • Files - you can change the file type in bulk from the file overview and also download selected files (into a ZIP file)
  • Tags can now be changed in bulk for all objects

Bulk edit of tasksBulk edit of files

6) Responding to notifications directly from email

Newly, you can respond directly from the email notification, from your inbox. Just click "Fast Reply" (or simply "Reply" to a notification email), write a message and Send:

Fast Reply to a notification

Fast Repy to a notification from email

Your response will be displayed as a new comment in the object that the notifikaction was related to:

Comment sent via email

7) New Cashflow

We remade a Cashflow overview, all data is now displayed much more clearly. You can also switch between "By plan" and "By payment" views, giving you the opportunity to compare how your planned cash flows differ from real income and expenses (as they were paid in reality).

The new Cashflow is also significantly faster. If you have a lot of items in Caflou, the difference will be immediately recognizable to you.

Brand new is also a daily overview - many of you have been eagerly waiting for it. 

New Cashflow

8) Cashflow and Tax (VAT)

If you want to track Value Added Tax (VAT) in Cashflow, go to the Cashflow settings and check the option "Track VAT" and save:

track VAT in cashflow - settings

Once you change your settings, you will be able to record VAT amounts for your income and expenses. The system automatically calculates the VAT amount from the income/expense amount, we will use the default VAT rate (taken from the Invoice / Document settings), but the VAT amount can always be edited if you need to correct it:

track VAT in cashflow - an income

Once you start entering VAT with income or expenses, you'll see the VAT totals in your Cashflow overview (e.g. in the monthly view):

VAT overview in Cashflow

If you carefully fill in your planned income and expenses, you will see how high future VAT payments could be and you can "fix" your cash flow based on an estimate of VAT payments.

9) Create a project or task directly from email

Do you receive an inquiry from your customer and need to start solving it quickly? Forward it directly from email to Caflou, where a task or project is created from your email.

How does it work? Just forward the email to to create a project or to create a task. The "your-account" part of the email is replaced by your account name from your account URL:

New task or projects - address

e.g. for account called "Factory Ltd." the URL address of the account in Caflou is and the project email will be and the task email will be

A task or project can only be created by an account user who has the right to create tasks or projects. Caflou verifies such a user by their email (the sender's email corresponds with an email of one of the account's users).

Roles on a project or task:

  • You can also assign a task directly to a colleague (who is a Caflou user, user of your account), just add your colleague's email to the recipient's line as the second email recipient (do not use copy or blind copy). The sender is the creater of the task.
  • The project will have the sender of the email as a project manager, but if you add your colleague's email as the second email recipient (do not use copy or blind copy), then such a user will be assigned a contributor's role on this project.

Set up a project from an email

10) New overview of tracked time

So far you have seen your tracked time in the Time Tracker feature, only there. Now the tracked time entries have their own full-featured overview, in which, in addition to standard filtering, you can also export the records to xls, pdf or csv. In this new overview you can also create a timesheet from your tracked time entries. For this new overview, see "Timesheet" and "Tracked Time":

Tracked time overview

Also now it is possible to view the tracked time of your colleagues, if you or anyone is permitted the "Users' tracked time" among their rights (this can be set by the account owner / superadmin), this report is useful e.g. for project managers or supervisors:

Tracked time of others

You can then easily filter for any account users and see their tracked time:

Tracked time others - overview

Another user can view tracked time of others only if he/she has a right to view these time entries (see above) and only sees the time entries that are assigned to the task, project, or company in this particular Caflou account. Any unallocated tracked time entries can be seen only by the user who created them.

11) You can see the tracked time directly under the timesheet that you created from those time entries

Do you use the timetracker and generate timesheets from the tracked time entries? Then you will surely appreciate that you can now see the tracked time entries in the timesheet detail, including the sum of the tracked time:

tracked time in timesheets

You can also add another tracked time entry to the timesheet, for example, if you have forgotten one via "+ Add time entry" button.

12) Clearer "content" of the invoice (includs timesheets, tracked time, income / expenses)

Do you bill from timesheets? Do you report your tracked time and then bill reported time? Now in the invoice detail you can easily see what timesheets or tracked time the invoice consists of. Moreover you can export timesheets, tracked time into xls, pdf or csv, directly from the invoice detail.

The invoice content

13) Create Cashflow items from invoices in bulk

Do you create invoices in Caflou but you forgot to transfer them into Cashflow via Income/Expense feature in the invoice form? Now you can create income/expenses in Cashflow from invoices, in bulk. Just select invoices, choose "Create income / expense" action and specify the parameters of income or expenses, e.g. category or due date:

import invoices to cashflow

import invoices to cashflow

After you save it, new income or expenses will be created and will be attacjed to each selected invoice and you will see them in Cashflow.

14) Add existing income or expenses to your invoice

Are you planning your income and expenses in Cashflow and then the time comes to create invoices out of them? Now, when creating an invoice, you can attach an existing Cashflow item to it - just go to the Income or Expense tab, select the correct Cashflow item and click "Connect":

invoice and cashflow

You can also add several items to one invoice:

invoice and cashflow - multiple items

You can also start from the other side, select multiple income (or expenses) in your Cashflow Table overview, and create an invoice in bulk:

import cashflow to invoice

15) View events under a company or project

Do you need to see clearly what events (e.g. meetings) took place under a particular company or project? Now you can view events related to the company or project in the company or project detail, just go to the "Events" tab:

events under a company or project

You can also filter events in the overview (by name, date, or label), and you can also export events to pdf, xls, or pdf.

16) View only active tasks and projects in your calendar

Do you want to see only active tasks and projects in your calendar? If you select "Active only" in the calendar filter, you will not see projects and tasks that have been marked as completed:

active only tasks and projects

17) View tasks in your calendar that you are only contributing to

Do you want to see tasks in your calendar that you "only" contribute to (i.e. that are not assigned directly to you)? Until now you could only see tasks that are assigned to you, but if you check "Contributing" in the calendar filter, you will also see tasks where you are listed as a contributor:



We believe you will enjoy all these updates and that they will help you advance your control over your business.