Connectory allows you to directly connect Caflou with other systems such as accounting programs, billing programs or ecommerce systems.

How does connectory work?

  1. Once connected, invoices and proformas (received and issued) can be exported to accounting programs for posting invoices and proformas issued/recorded in Caflou.
  2. From the accounting or billing programs, the address book (customers, suppliers) and invoices (received and issued) can be imported as income and expenses for cash flow management purposes.
  3. In the case of ecommerce programs (e.g. WooCommerce) you can import registered customers and orders for cash flow management purposes.

You can learn more about how each system interfaces in the help details for each of these systems.

List of direct connections

More local apps are available for the Czech/Slovak market: list of connected apps

You can connect your systems with Cafla via the connector in Account Settings, under Connector.