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Everybody cares about their online safety and that is why I  want to show you how to protect your Caflou account better, with two-step authentication  (email & password + one time code).

If you turn this feature on, you will still need your password to sign into Caflou:​

​but also ONE-TIME ACCESS CODE displayed on your mobile device:​

​You can switch this safety feature on in your profile setting (Settings -> My profile):​

Then just switch to Two-step authentication and click "Save":​

​☝️ Be careful here - before you switch it on, you need to install an "authenticator" into your mobile device. These we recommend:

Once you have installed the mobile app, scan QR code from your Caflou profile settings with the mobile app and you are ready:​

​Next time when you are signing into Caflou, get code from your authenticator and use it to sign in:​


I believe you will like this enhancement and we will surely be glad for any feedback, comment or idea.