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If your cash flow numbers deviated from reality and you need to correct the numbers for further planning, then you can now set a "new status" for any date in the past in the Cashflow Settings.

The correction will do this by resetting the expected balance and cash in hand (by plan and by payment) to the required values on the selected date. Thus, in the example in the picture, as of April 30, 2021, all 3 values will be reset to 8,000. You get a new, clean start and you don't have to look for where your cash flow has deviated from reality.

You can add more corrections (as many as you need). In addition, it is a reversible process, you can always remove the correction in the Cashflow Settings.

Cashflow corrections

💡 The correction works in such a way that the system generates "artificial" revenues or expenses called "Corrections", ie these are items clearly identifiable as corrective.