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If you want to integrate your Caflou Calendar into your Google Calendar to automatically synchronize, you now have 2 options:

  1. using real-time automatic synchronization in both directions (Caflou <> Google)
  2. using iCal URL (this option can also be used to integrate with calendar other than the Google Calendar if they support import by URL, this integration is one-sided = Caflou > external calendar)

Follow these steps:

1. Two-way integration with Google Calendar

Go to "Export" and select "Google Calendar":

In the next step, name and save the calendar:

Name Google calendar

After saving all is done, you'll see the Caflou calendar between your Google Calendars (refreshing the page may be needed):

Caflou calendar between Google calendars

For example, if you add an appointment to a Google Calendar, it will appear immediately in the Caflou calendar, if you change the scheduled dates (scheduled in Caflou) in the Google Calendar, the calendar changes will be immediately displayed in the Caflou calendar. The same in the opposite direction.

2. Integration using iCal URL

Go to "Export" and select "iCal URL":

Copy URL:​

​In the Google Calendar, select "Add colleague's calendar" and "From URL":

Add new calendar using URL

Paste the copied URL and add the calendar:

Insert URL

Wait a few moments (10-20 seconds), refresh the Google Calendar screen, and the calendar from Caflou will be now integrated into the Google Calendar:

New calendar