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Plan and manage profitable projects 100% online with Caflou, a popular system for managing successful projects, teams and companies.

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Manage projects, team or the whole company in 1 system


Manage budgets, profitability and cash flow of projects


Keep track of deadlines, outputs, responsibilities


Organize your team, watch utilization, plan capacity


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Plan projects

Plan the scope of the project and its deadlines. Define project budgets. Assign responsibilities to team members.

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Manage projects

Track activities on the project. Focus on tasks, deadlines, outputs and profitability. Use tools such as a Gantt chart, Kanban boards or checklists.

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Track budgets

Manage projects from the perspective of economics, monitor budget spending plan, profitability or project cash flow.

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Report and measure time

Keep track of your work with timesheets, whether it's time or material or other expenses. Determine the price of your time and work by cost rates. Measure the time with a time tracker.

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Plan capacities, monitor utilization

Watch who on the team is overloaded and who has free capacity. Plan tasks according to free capacities. Use the team's economic report to evaluate the contribution of team members.

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Automate processes

Save time and reduce errors with automations. Set simple rules for the system to do the work for you. 

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Integrate business and sales activities

Take advantage of the integrity of CAFLOU. Create offers, orders or invoices. You can create invoices directly from project timesheets.

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In the words of our customers

For me, the only known comprehensive application for company spending and earning, and for project planning at the same time.

Caflou helped me clearly define costs, keep track of subcontracts, deadlines and overall improved work efficiency.

Makes my job easier 😉

Caflou helps me keep track of job orders, billing and work disctribution.

Finally, I have a better insight into what I really do and whether it is financially worthwhile. And thanks to cashflow, I have finally got to understand why many activities have not made a profit for a long time. It's just a great thing! 🙂

Caflou is the only complex software available for real cashflow management, monitoring, scheduling, modelling and projection of cash flows in the company or on projects