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See how to create your own charts from data in Caflou:

🙏 The feature is in beta version and despite its great potential, it is possible that it will have flaws and limitations. If you encounter a flaw or bug, please let us know via the in-app chat.

💡 Tip 1: Any chart where you use a date attribute on the X-axis (e.g. payment or due date, date of timesheet or tracked time, task or project start or end date, etc.) can now be aggregated as follows:

  • by year
  • by month
  • by weeks
  • by days
  • by day of the week (e.g. for reports where you can see which days of the week are the most/least worked) 

If you select an attribute for the X-axis that is a date, then you get a new option in the report definition form to select a value for "Aggregation of dimension X"

💡 Tip 2: If you use aggregated reports (see Tip 1), you have the option to cumulate the values in the chart (option "Cumulate dimension X"). That is, the value for the previous period is added to the value for the following period (e.g. when aggregating by years, the year 2022 contains the values for 2022 and also for all previous years, if such data exists for the report).