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If you want a more graphical display of all tasks on projects, according to the status of the tasks in the style of tiles, use the "Kanban" view for tasks. You can find the project Kanban board in the detail of each project:

How to get to Kanban board

💡 Tip: Využít můžete i "globální" Kanban nástěnky pro všechny projekty a úkoly na úrovní účtu. Najdete je v sekci Realizace -> Projekty nebo Úkoly.

How to control the Kanban board

Watch how to control the Kanban board in this video:

💡 Tip: You can easily follow up the change task status by an automatic process, e.g. when the task status changes, the system automatically changes the assigned person or marks the task as completed. How to set up automatic processes is shown here: How to create an automatic process / workflow 📺

How to create your custom variant Kanban boards

See how to create your custom variant Kanban boards fit for any need (e.g. different types of projects etc.):

I believe that the "Kanban board" will make working with project tasks much clearer and easier.