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Learn how to work with templates in CAFLOU. There are 2 ways of working with templates:

1) "System" templates

Project templates and Task templates can be created by marking project or task as a "template" via an attribute in the project or task form.

The same procedure can now be used for creating templates for invoices, offers, orders, timesheets or income/expenses.

💡 Tip: "Load from template" function

If you are creating a new object (e.g. a project) and a template exists in the system for the given object type, then you have the option "Load from template" in the form of the new object. Clicking on this action will offer you to select a template, select the template from the list by checking it and tehn clicking on "Save" will fill in the form with the template.

2) Using tags

Template for any object can be created using tags - this can be used for objects that do not have "system" templates, e.g. events, products or product sets.

First method is also preferable if you want to use templates for process automation (e.g. create a project/task/invoice automatically).

📺 See both methods explained in a video:

💡Tip: If you are using option 2, then to prevent task and project templates from appearing among your active tasks and projects, it is a good idea to mark these tasks and projects as completed. When you create new tasks and projects from a template, they are created as active.