In the new Contracts section, you can now manage your contracts, both issued by you and received from other companies. Contracts can also be directly created, exported (in PDF and docx) and shared (as with invoices) in Caflou.

You can now have all documents in one place for each customer and project - offers, orders, invoices and now even contracts.

You can create contracts from templates you create yourselves. For the most common types of contracts, we will offer the basic structure of contracts within predefined templates (so far, we have added a template for the type of contract "Power of attorney" for testing purposes).

Dynamic variables can also be inserted into contract texts (see below under the video).

📺 See how contracts work in Caflou:

Dynamic variables for use in contract texts:

  • {contractor} - Supplier
  • {customer} - Customer
  • {contractor_email} - Supplier e-mail
  • {customer_email} - Customer e-mail
  • {this_month} - 06/2022
  • {last_month} - 05/2022
  • {next_month} - 07/2022
  • {this_year} - 2022
  • {last_year} - 2021
  • {next_year} - 2023
  • {project_name} - Project name
  • {project_start_date} - Project start date
  • {project_end_date} - Project end date
  • {value} - Amount
  • {validity_date} - Validity dates

In the next phases of contract management in Caflou, we will expand the following options:

We hope you enjoy this new feature, which will allow you to be more efficient.