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You can now have all documents in one place for each customer and project - offers, orders, invoices and now even contracts.

📺 See how contracts and contract management work in Caflou:

Contract templates

  • Custom Templates - you can create contracts from templates you create yourselves.
  • "System" templates - for the most common types of contracts we will offer the basic structure of contracts within predefined templates (so far, we have added a template for the "Power of Attorney" contract type for testing purposes).

Dynamic variables for use in contract texts

You can use these variables in contract text blocks, such as the header, editorial, footer or body of the contract:

  • {contractor} - Supplier
  • {customer} - Customer
  • {contractor_email} - Supplier e-mail
  • {customer_email} - Customer e-mail
  • {this_month} - 06/2022
  • {last_month} - 05/2022
  • {next_month} - 07/2022
  • {this_year} - 2022
  • {last_year} - 2021
  • {next_year} - 2023
  • {project_name} - Project name
  • {project_start_date} - Project start date
  • {project_end_date} - Project end date
  • {value} - Amount
  • {validity_date} - Validity dates

💡 Tip 1: you can also insert custom attributes (for company or project) into contracts as variables in the contract texts (header, body, footer) in the format {company_custom_column_XYZ} or {project_custom_column_XYZ}. You can get the code of the custom attribute (in the form "custom_column_XYZ") via API or by hovering over the name of the custom attribute in the "Custom attributes" section. For a contract, you then specify whether the value is retrieved from the company on the contract or from the project.

Digital signatures of contracts directly in Caflou

See How to digitally sign contracts directly from Caflou