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Learn the basics and logic of CAFLOU, what to do there and how, how processes are interlinked and fit together, from CRM, project management, work management and reporting to invoicing:

below the following video are more "starter" tutorials sorted by topics

Here you will find quick guides sorted by topic: 

Customer management

Manage customers and leads in one place, from offers through projects to invoices. From full control to increased profits.

Project management

It’s not just about managing tasks. With Caflou, you manage the economics of your projects, so you stay profitable.

Work and workload management

Plan work for team members and visualize in an instant how each team member has been utilized.


How to find out what projects and tasks you are involved in, what needs to be done and when, and how to communicate with the team?

Work reporting and time tracking

Work reporting or time tracking will not get in the way of your work. Caflou makes it simple and straightforward.

Finances & Business Intelligence

Evaluate which activities, clients, or projects bring money and which don’t. Learn from the past to improve the future. And plan the future.


Create invoices based on work done or time spent, attach an invoice to a project, connect your bank, send reminders, or get paid via a payment card.

User administration

Set your colleagues' access rights so that they can see only what they need to see. Customize Caflou to your exact needs with personalizations.

Process automation

See how easy it is to create an automated workflow and process directly in Caflou. A "robot" can create a project for you, send an email or assign a task to a colleague. And not only that.